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Alan menken tim rice from the musical beauty and the beast intro. Beauty and the beast chords by celine dion.

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The film received its premiere at the el capitan theatre in hollywood on november 13 1991.

Home beauty and the beast chords. Intro e a e a verse e a tale as old as time e a true as it can be e gm barely even friends a then somebody bends a bsus4 b unexpectedly c f just a little change c b small to say the least f both a little scared f dm neither one prepared c beauty and the beast verse fm ever just the same fm f ever a surprise fm ever as before and ever. See chord charts and. Beauty and the beast is a 1991 animated american family film.

Intro esus dme ame e7 a ag yes i made the choice af ae for papa i will stay d dc bm7 de but i dont deserve to to lose my freedom in this way asus a fsus fm you mon ster. Learn how to play the beauty and the beast theme song aka. Tale as old as time from the new 2017 feature film starring the voice talents of ariana grande and john legend.

Grab your guitar ukulele or piano and jam along in no time. It is the thirtieth animated feature produced by walt disney feature animation. I could not find a version of this most beautiful song that suited the pitch of my so i made it up myself.

I listened to the version sung by mrs. Potts in the disney movie. Chordify is your 1 platform for chords.

Verse 1 f bb tale as old as time f bb true as it can be f am barely even friends bb then somebody bends c unexpectedly verse 2 d g just a little change d a small to say the least g bot. Guitar chord beauty and the beast transpose and easy version key f bb f c tale as old as time true as it can be f dm bb c barely even friends then somebody. Dsus dsus cmd gmd d7 d7 g gf yes i made the choice ge gd for papa i will stay c c.

C am d g. Learn to play guitar by chord tabs using chord diagrams transpose the key watch video lessons and much more. Chords for home beauty and the beast jr.

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